Getting The Right Nexus Letter: What’s It About?

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

At Prestige Worldwide Medical Consulting, we make it our business to help our clients navigate the Independent Medical Opinion (IMO) aspects of a complex agency process involving occupational hazards or similar concerns, as a member or former member of the U.S. military.

This kind of consulting is important because it changes outcomes. Former service members with health conditions may be applying for disability or trying to document their condition to get help. We make sure that they get the best chance possible at securing what they need, with practical assistance in the IMO or “Nexus Letter” process. It is important to note that options such as the primary care practitioner should also be explored as this can be an inexpensive and often free option for veterans to secure supporting medical documentation when needed.

Cause and Effect

Many people refer to an IMO as a “Nexus” letter partly because the word implies joining two seemingly disparate things together. One of the key purposes of a nexus letter is to directly tie a health condition to an individual's military service. Depending on the condition or injury, that can be challenging, since some conditions are chronic and arise over time. Someone may have been exposed to a chemical or hazardous substance while overseas in austere environments or onboard a ship, or on a military base or elsewhere. Then over the years, they start to get sick and require disability income. Every case is different: hopefully, they have the right resources and some family members helping to support and advocate for them.

It's no joke – but Prestige Worldwide can help. We have been around these processes a long time, and we understand how to support former or current military service members and their families in developing these detailed documents and evidence-based communications.Talk to us about what you are facing, and how we can help, and we will help you to put together the right nexus letter to support your claims.

Do You Need an Independent Medical Opinion?

If you need an Independent Medical Opinion to use as part of your VA disability application, contact Prestige Worldwide Medical Consulting today!

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